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Sell "oracles", whatever they might be, from your website via a free mobile content shop.

Wednesday 16th December 2008

Branded media portal with mobile platform, Earthoracles.com, releases its new shop selling mobile content, today. This is free to site owners who can sell Earthoracles' new genre of animated, video games: 'oracles'.

Earthoracles, today, releases its new product: a free-to-site-owner mobile phone content shop selling free oracle games. A site owner can sell the mobile form of Earthoracles' first product range of animated video games: 'oracles'. This year's range is called 'Celtmistic'.

Earthoracles' release of its free shop for mobile content means that the average S.M.E. can now enter a market arena that had been closed to them previously, due to the fees levied by Telecommunications companies.

The new mobile content shop is free, easy to use, and automatically uploadable. Earthoracles' free games are accumulative, with new oracles  being released every month, and an entire, culturally based new range being released each year. Earthoracles' first range, Celtmistic, consists of four product lines, or "oracles". These are:

Earthoracles: Interactive animated photomontage with video and music (a new oracle is added monthly).

The Talismans: a database of photos, with photomontage and music

Sheelagh na Gigs: an interactive animated photomontage with video and music

The Celtic Spills: a 'lucky number' database of photos, with photo-montage and music

All of these free oracle games have versions that are available for purchase on mobile phone

"We tried to find telecom. companies to deliver our games to mobiles for us, but they all charged as if we had a PLC's budget. So we thought 'We'll develop our own platform, and then make it freely available to other S.M.E.'s'. The internet should set us all free to buy, sell, or give away", said Mrs. A.M. Goldthorp, Earthoracles' Marketing Manager.

Earthoracles feels that with the world recession setting in for the next few years, together with its attendant uncertainties, 'oracles' are going to be resorted to by most of those with a mobile phone, and that is most people. Now S.M.E.'s will have access to this biggest market on earth, too.

Earthoracles is a media brand that produces interactive video and animation content for web sites, and mobile phones as well as marketing & telecommunications applications for web site owners. Our content consists of a new, culturally based product range each year. All of these free oracle games have versions which are available for purchase on mobile phone. Our application consist of our mobile-tailored e-comm. system, together with its

mobile delivery platform. Earthoracles makes these available for free to web-site owners who want a games shop. At no cost to themselves, they can sell the mobile versions of our collection of oracle games, the internet versions of which, they can display on their site as free content. Earthoracles is a trademark of Lifestones Ltd. UK. company registration number 2341385. The company's registered address: 35 Ballards Lane, London, N3 1XW.

Contact: Mrs. A.M. Goldthorp


email: sales @ earthoracles . com

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