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Earth Eternal Publishes New History – Chapters 21-24

Mill Valley, CA, May 14, 2007 - Iron Realms Entertainment published chapters 21-24 of Earth Eternal's epic history tonight, in which Atan brought magic back to the Beasts of the Covenant and began the war against the dominion of the vampiric Blood Kingdom. Readers will also discover the origins of a new race of desert-dwelling Beasts called the Lisians.

Read all twenty-four chapters thus far here:

About Earth Eternal

Earth Eternal is the first 3d MMORPG developed and published by Iron Realms Entertainment, a developer of MMORPGs since 1997. It is set in a fantasy-inspired version of mythical Earth with sixteen anthropomorphic player races ranging from Noctari (owl-person) to Bandicoon (raccoon-person). Earth Eternal is a sub-million-dollar MMORPG from an experienced, indie developer - Iron Realms Entertainment.

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About Iron Realms Entertainment

Iron Realms Entertainment is a premiere independent developer of MUDs and MMORPGs. Founded in 1996, it pioneered the virtual asset sales business model in 1997 with its first commercial MUD - Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands - and has released three additional text MUDs since: Aetolia, the Midnight Age, Imperian: The Sundered Heavens, Lusternia, Age of Ascension. Aside from developing Earth Eternal, its first 3D MMORPG, Iron Realms is also developing Midkemia Online, a MUD based on the works of NY Times best-selling author Raymond E. Feist.

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