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EA to release at least two more Dead Space games

Director is also signed by EA to head up a film adaptation of the survival horror series

Electronic Arts is working on two more Dead Space games as well as a film adaptation of its survival horror series, according to reports.

The publisher is currently "working on the second and third instalments" in the game series, Variety has revealed. It says too that EA has signed D.J Caruso - who directed Disturbia and Eagle Eye - to lead a film adaptation of the game.

Dead Space the film is still some way off, however. "The producers, EA and Caruso have been listening to takes from prospective screenwriters, and once they set a writer and EA signs off on a creative direction, they will auction the property to studios," said the source. "That will likely happen in early September."

It doesn't reveal a time-scale for the game sequels, although one could be the already-announced Dead Space: Extraction, due for an exclusive Wii release this October.

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