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EA to 'attack' Nintendo consoles for new growth

After financial results revealed Electronic Arts to be the number one publisher on Sony, Microsoft and PC formats, the company has set its sights firmly on Nintendo's Wii and DS platforms.

Following the publication of financial results which reveal Electronic Arts to be the number one publisher on Sony, Microsoft and PC platforms, the company has set its sights firmly on the Nintendo Wii and DS.

In its latest conference call, the publisher revealed it has 15 SKUs in development for Nintendo formats - including a DS version of Will Wright's new project, Spore, Sims spin-off My Sims and a selection of imarket-leading sports franchises.

"We have shifted and acquired resources and are attacking these successful platforms," commented CFO Warren Jenson. "In short, we're on it."

The bullish statements follow the announcement of record revenues totalling US $1.281 billion, and the revelation that EA is the number one publisher in North America and Europe on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC and PSP.

However, CEO Larry Probst conceded that EA would struggle to take Nintendo's place as the number one publisher on its own formats, making do with second place.

"On the Nintendo platforms, we think that we can be very a strong number two," he said.

"Clearly, Nintendo will always be number one on the Wii and DS, but we think we have a realistic goal of being number two, with a market share goal of 15-20 per cent," detailed Probst.

The recent purchase in December of Headgate Studios, which will be a Wii-exclusive developer, is one of the foundations behind the renewed focus, with Jensen noting the company will also be devoting additional resources to DS production.

"With regards to the Wii platform, at least initially, it seems like it's expanding the overall market and expanding the demographic of users and people that purchase software, and we think that's a good thing," said Probst.

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