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EA pledges Madden sales to breast cancer charity

Partial proceeds from Madden NFL 09 Pink will go towards aiding the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation

Electronic Arts has announced the release of Madden NFL 09 Pink, featuring the same content as Madden NFL 09 but with the proceeds partially being donated to the breast cancer charity, the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation.

The title will be available throughout the month of October, in order to coincide with the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The foundation was created by cancer-sufferer Deanna Favre, the wife of NFL athlete Brett Favre, and aims to help women fight breast cancer.

"EA is honoured to team up with Deanna Favre and Target in the fight against breast cancer," said senior product manager, Anthony Stevenson. "Almost everyone has been affected by this disease in some way, so we're eager to give our passionate fans an opportunity to participate in finding a cure."

EA has partnered with the US retailer, Target, which has the exclusive retail rights for Madden NFL 09 Pink and will sell the All-Play version of the title for the Wii for USD 49.99 as well as the Xbox 360 version for USD 59.99.