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EA: MMA franchise will continue

Fighting game due a sequel despite low sales and analyst's "DOA" claim

Publisher EA has confirmed plans to continue its young MMA franchise, even in face of analyst concerns about its health.

Cowen & Company's Doug Creutz claimed in October that "EA's recently released MMA appears to be more or less DOA at retail."

He also argued that THQ's more successful UFC license was "likely putting an end to EA's efforts to expand into the mixed martial arts genre."

The first MMA debuted at 23 in the UK all-formats chart and is estimated to have sold 45,000 copies in the US over its first month. However, EA seems determined to continue with the license. "There is definitely going to be an EA Sports MMA 2," EA Sports' Jeff Ecker told wrestling site Figure Four Daily, referring to it as a matter of when rather than if.

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