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EA lines up celebs for new Bond title

Electronic Arts has hired a number of celebrities to star in its forthcoming James Bond sequel, From Russia With Love, with actor Sean Connery taking centre stage, now flanked by singer Natasha Bedingfield and actress Maria Menousnos.

After Connery was signed up to reprise his role as secret agent 007 in the EA remake of the same titled film, it was today confirmed UK popstar, Bedingfield, will take a cameo appearance in the game. Bedingfield will lend her voice and likeness to the character Elizabeth Stark, daughter of the Prime Minister, who is kidnapped and must be rescued by Bond.

Menousnos, who has appeared in 20th Century Fox movie, Fantastic Four, and Warner Bros. drama, One Tree Hill, will also star, providing her voice and likeness to the character Eva; a role created specifically for the game. Eva will provide the function of driver and henchwoman to Bond archenemy, Red Grant.

From Russia With Love marks the latest in EA's movie to game series featuring Ian Fleming's James Bond. It will be released this later this year on PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox.

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