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EA founder to receive ESA Champions Award

Electronic Arts founder and chief creative officer William "Bing" Gordon has been named as the recipient of the ESA Foundation's 2004 Champions Award, in recognition of his contributions to the industry as a whole.

The award will be presented at the foundation's "Nite to Unite for Kids" event on October 19th in San Francisco, which is a charity fundraising event organised by the ESA to benefit children's charities.

"Bing's is a legacy both made, and still in the making, and we are proud to recogise him as an industry champion," said ESA president Doug Lowenstein. "As a founder of EA, the fourth largest capitalised software company in the world, as the person who piloted EA's groundbreaking creative studios for many years, and as the chief creative officer of the industry leader, Bing Gordon has well earned the accolades of his peers."

Previous recipients of the ESA Champions Award have included Howard Lincoln of Nintendo, Isao Ogawa of Sega, Will Wright of Maxis / EA, Joel Hochberg of Rare, EB's Jeffrey Griffiths and Toys 'R' Us' Michael Goldstein.

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