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E3: Square Enix broadens mobile offering

Final Fantasy, Taito classics announced

Japanese publisher Square Enix has announced a series of additions to its mobile games portfolio, reaching out to a new audience with its Final Fantasy series and publishing a selection of arcade classics from Taito.

Unveiling its latest product line-up for the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, the focus was naturally geared towards new titles for Sony's PS3 console - final specs and launch details of which have just been announced.

But amidst the slew of traditional console games, the major publishers are showing more and more mobile-specific titles as the sector continues its rapid growth. Square Enix is proudly pushing forward into the mobile space, driven partly by its phenomenal Final Fantasy franchise and boosted by its recent acquisition of fellow Japanese publisher Taito.

The company has announced three new games in the Final Fantasy series, developed specifically for the mobile platform. Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, enables multiple players to simultaneously participate in real-time combat, undertaking various missions as a recruit in the Shinra Corporation's elite unit, the Turks. Based on the multi-million selling Final Fantasy VII on PlayStation, the new game promises several features and gameplay elements specific to the mobile platform.

Final Fantasy I takes players back to the roots of the franchise, recreating the first game in the series, which was originally released in 1987, for an entirely new gaming audience. And finally, the publisher has announced Final Fantasy Agito XIII, a mobile version of the latest game in the series which is currently being developed for the PlayStation 3 console.

Square Enix also announced three new mobile games based on Taito's arcade classics - 3D Space Invaders, Chase H.Q. 3D and Elevator Action 3D - all of which have been designed to maximise the benefits of the mobile platform and take full advantage of advanced 3D technology.

All titles will be compatible with a broad range of modern handsets, and the company is expected to confirm more solid details on a release date for the games during the E3 expo this week.

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