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E3: SEGA brings Sonic to PlayStation Portable

SEGA today issued its latest pre-E3 announcement; namely, that the company plans to bring Sonic Rivals to PSP this autumn courtesy of Death Jr developer Backbone.

SEGA of Europe has announced that it will release a new Sonic title on PlayStation Portable this autumn.

Due to be shown off during E3 next week, Sonic Rivals is a mixture of classic 2D platform-race gameplay and 3D environments, developed by Canadian developer Backbone Entertainment.

The game promises to include an extensive single-player campaign, in which players adopt the mantle of one of four classic Sonic characters in a race against their rivals, along with four-player wireless racing.

Sonic Rivals will mark the first time SEGA has featured its most iconic character on PlayStation Portable.

"Sonic Rivals brings back the classic 2D platform gameplay that started it all, and douses it with vibrant three-dimensional environments," says vice president of marketing Scott A. Steinberg.

"In this heated rivalry, gamers are tested to prove not only who's the fastest but who has the best head-to-head gameplay strategy."

The game will be shown off at E3 next week, where it joins a SEGA line-up already comprising next-generation versions of Virtua Tennis 3, SEGA Rally, Super Monkey Ball and World Snooker Championship, and a PS3-exclusive sequel to Full Auto.

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