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E3: Korea presents its wares at special symposium in Los Angeles

With massively multiplayer and mobile gaming becoming increasingly important for the games market, Korea is rapidly emerging as an important force in the industry - a trend which will be explored by a special symposium taking place in Los Angeles during E3 later this month.

The evening event, which is backed by the Korea Game Development and Promotion Institute and the Korea Culture and Content Agency, will be held on the evening of the first day of the show - Wednesday, May 18th.

Titled Global Gaming: Korea Challenges the World, the invitation-only event will feature executives from five major Korean companies, who will discuss their insights on the future of the rapidly developing online and mobile markets around the world.

Confirmed panellists at this point are NCSoft USA president Robert Garriott, Gravity Interactive CSO Richard Kim, SkyZone Entertainment executive VP James Wee, GameVil general manager Kyu Chang Lee and Mirinae Corporation directo U-Jin Jeon.

The panel will be moderated by IGN.com editor-in-chief Richard Aihoshi, and will be followed by a Q&A session and a networking forum including cocktails and dinner.

"In Korea and throughout Asia, the infrastructure for MMO and mobile gaming is built well established and the marketplace is flourishing," commented KOCCA marketing director Alexis Wallrich. "We are delighted to have the executives who have helped pioneer this platform serve as panellists for the symposium and look forward to a successful and enlightening event."

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