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E3: EA shows support for Gizmondo

As the battle of the next-gen consoles gets underway, the battle of the handhelds continues - and Gizmondo was given a boost today with the announcement that Electronic Arts will publish three top-selling titles for the platform.

Only two of these have been confirmed so far, however - FIFA Football 2005 and snowboarding sim SSX 3.

"We are seeing a dynamic swing towards mobile gaming," said Nancy Smith, executive VP of publishing for EA North America.

"These titles are a superb opportunity for us to work with Gizmondo in delivering an exhilarating EA gaming experience on this exciting new format."

Tiger Telematics head Carl Freer added: "Each of these titles represents another step forward for us in delivering mainstream games content.

"These are among the strongest game franchises in the world, and a co-publishing relationship with EA has been a priority goal for us from the outset."

Tiger says this is just the start of a series of announcements to be made at E3, where the Gizmondo stand will occupy 4500 square feet of floor space. More than 15 new titles will be revealed once the event gets underway.

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