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E3 attendance drops slightly for 2019

Next year's show set for Los Angeles Convention Centre between June 9th and 11th

E3 2019 attracted 66,100 attendees.

It's just over 3,000 fewer attendees than 2018, but still significantly up on the pre-consumer years of 2016 or earlier.

The ESA has also revealed that the event will return to the Los Angeles Convention Center between June 9th and 11th, 2020.

Over 200 exhibitors attended this year, which is in-line with 2018. However, the event was once again missing big booths from major publishers including Activision, EA and PlayStation.

A quarter of the exhibitors have never exhibited at the event before, says the ESA.

Other statistics from the show include that there were 3.2 million conversations on Twitter related to E3, while the E3 Coliseum (the live stage show that runs the duration of the event) received .1.2 million viewers. The Coliseum featured the likes of Jack Black, Elon Musk and Todd Howard.

"E3 is where the video game industry's biggest brands and biggest fans converge to shape the future. E3's energy and excitement were felt in the halls, on the floors, and press conferences," stated ESA CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis.

"We broke records, saw incredible innovations, and had breathtaking moments that entertained the world. Congratulations to our creative and innovative exhibitors, members, and partners who made such a fantastic E3 possible."

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