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Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2

Product Fact Sheet

A Heavenly Slice of China!

Ancient China's greatest warriors have rocked the foundations of heaven and earth for over 2,000 years. Now the Warriors Worth a Thousand return in the sequel that eclipses the original with an exquisite array of features!

Key Features

For the first time, multiplayer combat with a Battle Royal for up to 4 players (ad hoc). Includes the complete pantheon of all 48 Dynasty Warriors®, with branching story paths for each kingdom. Unlock up to 300 officers and unleash Double Musou attacks with your officers. Manage a stable of up to 8 horses and elephants that gain experience during battle. Musou, Multiplayer and Free modes, plus info on weapons, officers, and stages in Camp mode. Over 50 stages and 31 maps. Twice as many scenarios as the original! Trade officers with other players wirelessly. Wide-screen action using the PSP(PlayStation®Portable) system's full display.

Musou Mode

Musou mode is the main mode of play. At the start of Musou mode, you'll choose an officer from the Wei, Wu or Shu kingdoms. The kingdom of the officer you choose will affect the stages and characters that become available during play.


Each stage is divided into a network of smaller areas with varying degrees of strategic importance. Vital areas are home to the Main Camps; other areas may contain a depot, a military base, a village, or a fortress, and certain areas may hold treasure. An area is cleared when enemy morale reaches '0' or when the opposing general is defeated. Once an area is cleared, you can move on to another area. Morale drops when an officer is beaten, and will fall sharply if a Patrol or Defense Captain is defeated. Areas are connected by streams, rivers, mountain trails and paths. In some cases, you may not be able to cross into another area unless you have a ferryman or ranger in your unit.

Clearing a Stage and Stage Trees

To clear a stage, you must satisfy the victory conditions outlined at the beginning of the stage. In the event that there are two victory conditions, the story will branch depending on which condition you have fulfilled.


After each battle, you'll be awarded Experience points, as well as Growth points for your officers and possibly weapons, horses, elephants and more officers.

Special Missions

Special missions may occur when you enter an Area that includes a village. You may receive weapons, horses, rare Officers, experience and growth points by clearing a mission. If you fail your mission, it will be considered a defeat for that area.

Multiplayer Mode

Bombs Away

Victory Condition: The player with the highest K.O. count wins.

Time Limit: 3 minutes

One player will be given a time bomb at the beginning of the game. The player who has the bomb when it goes off will have his K.O. count reduced. If your character is defeated, you will reappear on the battlefield but your K.O. count will also decrease. If you defeat a player that has been defeated once before, that player will be given the bomb.

Battle Royal

Victory Condition: The player with the most points wins.

Time Limit: 3 minutes

Points are earned by knocking enemies off of the structure. Officers are worth more points. Life bars, except for those of Arbalest, Destroyer and Juggernaut units will never reach "0",. If you are knocked off of the structure, your character will restart in a new location but will lose some points.

Time Attack

Victory Condition: The player with the fastest time wins.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

The gates leading to the goal will open after you have defeated all of the soldiers defending it. The path to the goal will change as the game progresses and the types of enemies that appear will also differ from location to location. What appears to be a shortcut may actually be a detour. Avoiding unnecessary battles may be crucial. If you are defeated or fall off a ledge, you will restart, but you will placed a little further away from your last position.

Sudden Death

Victory Condition: The player with the most points wins.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Earn points by defeating enemies. Defeating an officer will earn you more points than a regular soldier. Everyone on the battlefield is instantly defeated with a single hit. Once defeated, you will restart but lose points. The more points you have, the more you will lose. After restarting, you will be invincible for the first 5 seconds.

Multiplayer Mode Items

In each of the Multiplayer games, an item will randomly appear after defeating an enemy. These items are used to affect other players. You may carry only one of these items at a time and, once you use it, it will disappear.

Free Mode

In Free mode, you'll choose a character, a historical era, and a difficulty level, then select up to 8 stages to create an original scenario. You may choose stages that are available in Musou Mode, or you may unlock stages and special characters exclusive to the Free mode by fulfilling certain conditions during play.

The Camp

Information on weapons, your stable of mounts, officers, and hints on how to find new officers are available at the Camp. You can also trade officers with other players wirelessly (ad hoc).

Officers and Officer Growth

Officers provide crucial support in battle. An officer will affect your character's performance either by increasing your stats, or by assisting you during battle with his or her abilities. You may deploy up to 4 officers to assist you, but the sum of their 'levels' must not exceed your Command points. This could limit the number of strong officers you can deploy, so bear this in mind and create a well balanced team of officers.

PSP® Product Comparison

Category Dynasty Warriors Samurai Warriors: State of War Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2


29 37 50 Maps 10 22 31 Characters 42 19 48 Multi-Player None 1-4 Vs. 1-4 Vs. Multi-Player Games None 2 4 Officers or sub-officers 100+ 200 300 Officer Trading via Memory Stick Duo Wireless

(ad hoc)


(ad hoc)

Additional Enhancements in Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2

Players can perform a Double Musou attack with an officer (not found in the original DWPSP) Branching story paths (also not found in the original DWPSP) DWPSP reset your weapons' abilities at the end of each stage, but DW Vol. 2 follows the weapon system found in Dynasty Warriors 5, where players find new weapons and carry them over into future stages. Stages include streams, rivers, mountain trails and paths that create tactical challenges

Product Specifications

Developer: Omega Force

Ship Date: October 2006

Category: Tactical Action

ESRB Rating: "T" (Teen- Violence) Platform: PSP® (PlayStation® Portable)

MSRP: $39.99

UPC: 0 40198 00158 8

Players: 1-4 (ad hoc) (Vs. Play)

Sound: Stereo

Peripherals: Memory Stick Duo 640KB

Online: None

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