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Dynasty Warriors Online

In Dynasty Warriors Online , the free-to-play hack and slash MMO from Aeria Games, players must choose their teammates wisely. Aeria Games offers a robust guild system in the game, which officially launched last week. In the Three Kingdoms, the timid and fainthearted are left behind in pools of their own blood. Players who band together and create guilds will enjoy the advantage and respect from fellow guild members, in addition to gaining access to armories full of riches and plunder.

Dynasty Warriors Online guild membership means profiting from exclusive boons, including:

• Extra gameplay modes, such as duels between guild members

• Access to guild resources and consumable items

• Privileged knowledge of fellow guild member whereabouts

As members of a Wei, Shu or Wu guild, players will battle for honor and glory alongside one another in Dynasty Warriors Online. To create a guild, four players ranked Lt. Colonel or higher should seek out a messenger in a plaza. Existing guilds are only accessible to players by invitation from either the guild leader or an officer, so start schmoozing the other warriors to snag a bid. As guilds rise to power, fortune and the spoils of victory become plentiful, but beware ¬– where there is opportunity, danger will surely follow.

The great tactician Sun Tzu once said: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

Players can prove their strength and align with a guild and begin battling at or search for teammates on Facebook.

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