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Dynasty Chronicles

Nothing to do with the TV show.

   Dynasty Chronicles begin by telling a story about a game designer's journey through time and heroic deeds in the turbulent Three Kingdoms. One day, a game designer is struggling with the boring codes in his office. He is trying to design a web game with the style of the Three Kingdoms. Suddenly, he is pulled into the game and returns to that turbulent era! As an ordinary man, how does he blaze new trails and start his reign over the country in a world where numerous heroes emerge…

The epic story of the Three Kingdoms is familiar to some gamers. Also in a creative way, Dynasty Chronicles adds the element of “journey through time” into the game. It is unique in plot, quest and battles! The game combines the war, strategy, adventure, business operation, simulation, role play and exploration into one, giving full sets of gameplays.

 “General” is the lord in the game, player can’t do much without the assistance of excellent generals. In the world of Dynasty Chronicles, the generals are classified into “Warrior”, “Commander”, “Counselor”, “Official” and “Balancer”. When upgrading, generals can get some attribute points. Different attributes bring different bonuses to the general. The attribute points rewarded by system depend on the quality of the general. You need to learn how to make the best of the generals of different types. Use the strategy and the generals appropriately and have your might sway the battlefield!

There are also tons of famous historical people in the game. When you pass through time and come to the world of Dynasty Chronicles, you may inevitably meet those famous generals face to face. The handsome Zhao Yun, the wise Zhuge Liang, or even the peerless beauty Diao Chan, Older Qiao or Younger Qiao are all general candidates at your choice. With fabulous skills and superb quality, the famous Generals will be the essential assistants on your way to the throne!

   “Ladder “: The Ladder instance of Dynasty Chronicles is designed for those warm blooded players specially. The quest is in a form of continuous combats. Player is required to break through the passes one by one and challenge the limit of your own military capabilities. The challenge will be recorded. The higher level of the pass, the more reward you will get. If you fail in one pass, you can start again. The particularly designed auxiliary combat system “Hire Force” and “Full-speed” enable you to challenge the “Ladder” more smoothly.

The OBT of Dynasty Chronicles will start soon! Are you ready for the journey through time and reign over the Three Kingdoms? Register now on

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