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DX Studio

Version 3.1 attained.

Date: 24th June 2009

Software developers Worldweaver Ltd, based in Pinewood Studios (UK), have just announced a new release of their 3D platform “DX Studio”.

The main focus for version 3.1 has been on large environments and the engine now comes with an advanced terrain and shadow mapping system which allows users to create massive seamless outdoor environments. The design moves beyond the traditional height field and, due to the use of a freeform mesh based approach, allows for overhanging cliffs, caves and vertical terrain.

Hardware skinned meshes and shadows are also supported which helps DX Studio display large numbers of characters and dense foliage in the same scene without hitting performance.

Other new release features include an integrated web browser with Flash support, an expansion of DX Studio’s PhysX capabilities, new resource management and file sharing systems for larger projects and Wiimote support.

“We are especially pleased with the performance of the new terrain system as we have just been commissioned to assist in the development of a new global naval training simulator using DX Studio,” said CEO and founder Chris Sterling.

Full details of all the new features in v3.1 can be found at


For further information please contact:

Bob Sterling,

Worldweaver Ltd.

T: +44 (0)1753 656884


Editors notes

DX Studio is the flagship product of software developers Worldweaver Ltd.

Worldweaver Ltd was established in 1996 by Chris Sterling to develop PC games and high-end business GIS applications.

Development of DX Studio began in 2002 and the first version was released to market in 2005. Since then the user base of DX Studio has grown to around 30,000 worldwide. DX Studio licenses are available in both freeware and commercial editions (from £50).

Company Website:

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