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Dutch publishers Xing Interactive are proud to announce their first mobile conversion of one of their PC titles. This is to be the first of many conversions. Dweebs will initially just be for Nokia 30/40/60 series phones but expansion to more handsets is planned for later this year.

For those unfamiliar with the Dweebs franchise here is some additional information on the cute alien characters that spawned 3 PC titles and a range of plush toy action figures. Dweebs are furry alien creatures with a brain the size of a pea. In the Dweebs mobile game they were kidnapped by a bunch of nasty aliens who wanted to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (not to mention in between snacks as well). In a basic game concept you need to help them escape to safety by guiding the Dweeb of the right colour to the right exit. Obstacles and enemies will make this a difficult task but nobody said it was going to be easy... Check out for more news on Dweebs Mobile.

Interested operators and service providers can contact Alex de Vries at for more information.

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