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Dungeon Fighter Online

NPCs step into the spotlight.

Dungeon Fighter Online offers not only amazing action and adventure but also the chance to explore the strange and wonderful land of Arad and meet all of its interesting inhabitants.

To help Dungeon Fighters better navigate Arad, Nexon America is sharing details on some of these non-playing characters and how they enrich the gaming experience. Nexon has released a video highlighting four of the most significant NPCs in Dungeon Fighter Online – Lady Kiri, Loton Maximug, Delilah and the mysterious GSD.

Here are some details on each of these intriguing characters:

Kiri - Lady Kiri is the wide-eyed, friendly Gunner trainer of Hendon Myre Lane. Hailing from the land of Empyrean, she possesses fantastic skill with fire arms and a mechanical prowess second to none in Arad. In addition to giving out quests to all Dungeon Fighters and training to Gunners specifically, Kiri also offers up her Equipment Re-Enforcer to any player with gold and the right materials. Any piece of equipment that goes through the machine has a chance of becoming stronger. However, the machine has been known to have the opposite effect, and even break items from time to time.

Loton - Loton Maximug is Hendon Myre’s local alchemist. In Loton’s shop, players are able to purchase Sharp Eye Potions (which increase Hit Rate), Ogre Power Potions (which increase Strength), and Mana Whisper Potions (which increase Intelligence). Loton also offers up his Disassembling Machine, which allows players to convert disused equipment into building materials, such as cube pieces and elemental crystals. Because of the nature of Loton’s profession, players will find themselves being sent on many quests to find a laundry list of ingredients and gear for his next big experiment.

Delilah - The wandering traveler, Delilah, can be found offering equipment repairs and Sharp Eye potions at the end of each dungeon. She doesn’t offer any quests, but her services come in quite handy after a grueling battle with some of Arad’s fiercest dungeon bosses.

GSD - GSD is Hendon Myre’s Slayer trainer. Despite his blindness, he is heralded as the greatest swordsman on the continent. His identity is shrouded in mystery, no one knowing anything about his background, his age, or the cryptic moniker he carries. But the Slayers of Arad flock to GSD for training and to purchase Slayer specific weapons (levels 11-20). GSD has also been known to accompany players into the dungeons (“The Demon Arm” epic quest chain). GSD can be found crouching on the streets of North Hendon Myre next to Cinda’s Shop.

Players can learn more about NPCs and the land of Arad, as well as download and play Dungeon Fighter Online for free, at


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