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Dungeon Fighter Online

Level 48 fighters can now "Awaken".

Dungeon Fighters who have undergone intensive training as one of four character subclasses can reach a state of awareness called “Awakening” in Dungeon Fighter Online. From March 10-31, players who have advanced to level 48 can Awaken and acquire powerful new skills. To celebrate this new addition to Dungeon Fighter Online, Nexon America has released a new gameplay video, is hosting multiple events and has new avatar sets available for players.

Slayers who have chosen the path of Blade Master can Awaken and become Grand Masters. Fighters who developed into Grapplers are able to Awaken and emerge as a Dervish. Gunners who chose the path of Ranger can further single themselves out as a Desperado. And Mage class characters who elected the path of Summoners can Awaken as a Gaia.

Grand Masters will get a chance to master a new Active Skill called “Sword Storm,” which disperses a ring of many swords – half of which float in the air, while the other half thrust into the ground. One-by-one, use each sword on enemies to cause immobility and damage.

Those who Awaken as a Dervish can use the Giant Twister skill, which enables Dervishes to grab an enemy and then spin rapidly to create a powerful twister. Enemies in the twister’s path are sucked in and receive damage.

Desperados activate the Scud Genocide skill, which launches nearby enemies into the air, then shoots several rounds of bullets in all directions, and finishes with an aerial spin.

Summon the Conqueror Kasijas with the Hired Summon skill if a Gaia. The fourth apostle, Conqueror Kasijas, attacks the enemy with a sword, among other weapons. Press the skill button again and we’ll perform “Critical Sword 1,000.” If Kasijas dies or disappears, a multitude of swords will be summoned to fall from the sky and continue the assault.

Dungeon Fighters who create new characters will receive 10 life tokens, which is five more than normal. Players who advance to one of the subclasses eligible for Awakening will receive a class advancement gift. Players who complete the Awakening quest series will receive an exclusive title and will be eligible to win a new item, the Kaleido Box.

Players can experience the action on YouTube or join the arcade fight on Facebook.

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