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Dungeon Fighter Online

Character customization info.

Don’t let the classic, arcade look of Dungeon Fighter Online fool you. This action-adventure game offers deep and detailed character customization options, beginning with five different character classes and extending into varied skills, armor and accessories.

Players choose from five character classes – Fighter, Gunner, Mage, Priest and Slayer – when starting Dungeon Fighter Online. Each class offers the opportunity to acquire a very particular set of skills over a very long career. These skills can make each class a nightmare for other players in PvP and the horde of goblins found in each dungeon in Dungeon Fighter Online.

Skills are the backbone of a player’s character and are gained by spending skill points, which are earned by completing dungeons. Players custom fit their skill build to fit their particular fighting style. There are four skill sets:

• Active Skills: Fighting skills triggered through hotkeys or key combinations.

• Passive Skills: Fighting skills that operate automatically during fighting.

• Fields of Expertise, or Masteries: Skills which allow players to perform specialized tasks.

• Technical Skills: Skills which increase a player’s chances at success when attempting various feats.

Armor is the next level of customization – and the stronger the armor, the less damage players will suffer during battle. Players obtain armor by picking it up as loot in dungeons or purchasing it from various NPCs around Arad. There are four types of armor and each character class has a built-in mastery for only one so while players can use any armor they want, it makes sense to pick the one which fits your character class best. Here are the options:

• Cloth: This low weight, low protection armor is favored by mages.

• Leather: Gunners prefer this armor which is tough enough to deflect blows while firing.

• Light Armor: Fighters need a little more protection since they battle up close and personal.

• Heavy Armor: Priests and Slayers both want the heavy armor because they have the muscles to carry it.

Armor customization doesn’t stop there. Players have five different body slots – head/shoulders, top, bottom, belt and shows – that can use individual pieces of armor. There are also full sets of armor players can collect. A full set could unlock special buffs for your character.

Dungeon Fighters might be tough but they also believe in accessorizing, especially since everything you carry into a dungeon should help achieve victory, especially the player’s weapon. Accessories, like armor can be acquired as loot in a dungeon or purchased from NPCs in Arad. There are five accessory slots for your Dungeon Fighter. Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings provide magical protection and other buffs. Titles are acquired after finishing certain quests or participating in certain game events and grant a range of buffs. Weapons are a Dungeon Fighter’s most cherished item. Choose one wisely.

Players will stand out with how they play but to also stand out in appearance, Dungeon Fighters will need to purchase Avatar Items, which feature nine different body slots – Hair, Hat, Face, Torso, Top, Skin, Waist, Bottom and Shoes – and offer players a way to look as good as they play.

Purchasing Avatar Items from the Item Shop requires NX Cash or these specialty items can be acquired through other players by spending in-game gold.

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