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Dungeon Fighter Online

"Act V: The Reckoning" update now live.

Nexon America has released a new update for Dungeon Fighter Online called “Act V: The Reckoning” which revamps the priest class. Dungeon Fighter Online, a 2D action role playing game, is one of the most popular games in the world with more than 200 million registered users.

Act V: The Reckoning, changes the cross-bearing Priest class including his basic appearance – he’s pumped up with muscles and a new haircut. Priest default skills add the melee skill “Smash” and remove the “Slow Heal” skill.  Also, the update adds new skills and awakenings to each of the three Priest subclasses.

The update’s changes to the Priest subclasses includes the Crusader awakening to Paladin with the disco ball-themed area of attack skill “Apocalypse”; the subclass Monk awakens to Templar with the “Big Bang Punch” awakening skill; and the Exorcist subclass awakens to Hyperion featuring the “Blue Dragon Hammer” awakening skill.

Also new epic quests have been added and the difficulty level of some of the early level quest have been adjusted to make the challenge simpler and more accessible.

For more details on the update, go to: or go to the Dungeon Fighter Online Facebook page at:


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