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Dungeon Bandits

First stage of closed beta concluded; "a great success".

For Immediate Publication

PlayEnvy, a service of Nvinium Games, has announced that the first stage of closed beta for its tournament-based MMO ‘Dungeon Bandits’ has come to a close. Closed beta weekend 1, which focused on overall server stability was held January 22nd - 24th and included multiple GM-led events, was a great success, receiving positive feedback from players that will be used to further improve the game.

While several of the game’s new features were not included in this first test, it was an important first step to ensuring that the overall playability of the game met the players’ needs. In addition to the normal match games, a few lucky players had the ability to participate in a fun ‘Kill the GM’ event that resulted in a hard fought battle and a victory for the defending team. The defenders kept the opposition at bay and GM Ecro running for his life for 10 minutes before he was finally brought down by player ‘Kastorplus’. All defenders will receive special in-game rewards for their accomplishment.

With the conclusion of closed beta 1, Dungeon Bandits will be prepared for phase 2 that will be held January 29th – 31st. Further changes to character movement, the games automatic updater, and other minor fixes will be included in the second test in preparation for a much larger update in the coming test phases. All players that registered for closed beta 1 will have their account carried over to phase 2. New testers can register with a beta key at <a href=http://dungeonbandits.playenvy.com/?q=user/register> http://dungeonbandits.playenvy.com/?q=user/register</a>;. Keys can be obtained from partnering game sites that are listed on the official game site.

About Dungeon Bandits

Dungeon Bandits is a fast-paced tournament-based online game that allows players to form teams of up to 5 players and compete against other teams for the right to dungeon's treasure. Featuring a multitude of visually appealing and challenging maps, players must use keen strategy in order to claim the dungeon's riches. Upcoming content improvements are under development and will introduce even more systems and features to entertain players that are willing to brave the dungeon's fierce monsters, mini-bosses, and competing teams.

Contact: Eric Long


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