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Dunaway: Wii sales up 85% week-on-week since price reduction

Console still in "very good position" says Nintendo sales exec

The Wii not only regained its position in October as the best-selling console, it has also seen weekly sales increase 85 per cent following its USD 50 price reduction according to Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway.

The executive VP of sales and marketing told the San Francisco Chronicle the console's global price cut has increased sales significantly, adding that the Wii still has plenty of momentum left.

"I think that going into the holidays, the Wii is in a very good position," said Dunaway. "It has an unbeatable combination of games, experience and unbeatable value, and that continues to put it to the top of people's wish list."

Wii sales dropped 43 per cent between April and September this year, with the console losing the title of best-selling console in September for the first time in three years according to NPD data.

But following its price cut in October, unit sales rose from 93,000 per week in September to 127,000.

One of the reasons for the lower numbers in 2009 is Nintendo's success last year, added Dunaway, when over 10 million Wiis were sold.

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