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Dudebro II

Website launched for NeoGAF-spawned shooter.


CLEVELAND (June 15, 2010) — Grimoire Assembly Forge launched the official website Tuesday for its upcoming 3D top-down shooter titled “Dudebro TM — My Shit Is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It’s Straight-Up Dawg Time” at

The independent developer announced it would update the website each Monday and Friday revealing new details about the game, from developer roundtables and character biographies to music clips and screenshots.

Speaking of screenshots, the site features the first bullshot from Dudebro TM II — yes, a bullshot, since everyone knows a game can't garner hype without releasing a doctored screenshot or two.

And just like clockwork, the website reveals a new teaser trailer created to pay homage to a certain movie that classic film buffs might recognize.

“Dudebro TM II” follows the exploits of elite soldiers John Dudebro TM and his sidekick Habemus Chicken as they chase anyone who threatens the world’s brodiocity. Featuring the vocal talents of Jon St. John, the legendary voice actor of Duke Nukem*, “Dudebro TM II” both parodies and pays homage to the game industry as a whole.

Built on the Unity 3D engine, the game is set for release later in 2010 for free. It will be playable within any PC or Mac Internet browser compatible with the Unity3D Web Player plugin.

Grimoire Assembly Forge is predominantly comprised of members of NeoGAF, one of the foremost video game industry discussion communities. The Dudebro TM team, which includes both industry veterans and talented game development novices, is more than 130 volunteers strong — all unpaid. They are distributed all over the planet, from North America to Europe to Asia.

*Duke Nukem is a registered trademark of Apogee Software, Ltd.



Dan Myers / producer, head of marketing

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