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Dudebro II

New screens show change in art direction for amusingly-titled shooter.

These images highlight a major shift in art direction, with the switch from 3D models to 2D sprites for the characters. According to Andrea Nicolò, Creative Director on Dudebro™ II, “We believe that sprites not only play more to the strengths of our development team, but they also give the game more personality and better suit the mix of retro and modern styles we are going for.”

According to Sil Demmer, Producer on Dudebro™ II, “When we first started, people came out of the woodwork to cheer us on, support us, and help us out. For a while there, we were having trouble figuring out what to do with all that help. A few months later, and the realities of life have settled in. Many of our most vital team members have had personal, school, or work issues to prevent them from continuing to work on the project. While we continue to build on the foundation of their hard work and march on to our goal of creating a great game, we are now looking for contributors in several key roles. If anyone out there feels they have the talent and the guts to lend a hand, please check the Join Us page on the Dudebro™ II website.”

Dudebro™ II follows the exploits of elite soldiers John Dudebro™ and his sidekick Habemus Chicken as they chase anyone who threatens the world’s brodiocity. Featuring the vocal talents of Jon St. John, the legendary voice actor of Duke Nukem*, Dudebro™ II both parodies and pays homage to the game industry as a whole.

The game is built on the Unity 3D engine and will be playable within any PC or Mac Internet browser compatible with the Unity3D Web Player plugin.

*Duke Nukem is a registered trademark of Gearbox Software, LLC.



Sil Demmer / producer, head of marketing

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