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Dual Zone

Co-op spaceship defender on Xbox Live Indie Games, available now for 80 Microsoft points.

In Dual Zone you control two spaceships inside a coliseum where each team-mate has to defend the other one. The game features Cooperative gameplay, with two players, each one controlling one spaceship. With a Campaign mode with 50 levels full of enemies, in Dual Zone you can also enjoy a "Panic" mode with unlimited gameplay time.

Even more, the game has an award system to reward the best players of the galaxy!

Dual Zone is available now at the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Indie Games section. At just 80 MSP, you can enjoy innovative gameplay, 50 levels and cooperative gameplay.

About Ninja Fever.

Ninja Fever is a fresh independent games development studio, born in September 2009 from the minds of three young entrepeneurs with a multidisciplinary professional background. Their goal is to develop innovative and funny games for the new online video game platforms.

Contact Information.

For further information, you can visit Ninja Fever's website at or contact via e-mail at

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