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DSi trounces competition in Japan

The Nintendo handheld surges ahead while the Wii also sells well

The Nintendo DSi sold almost 175,000 units in Japan last week, putting it top of the country's hardware chart by some distance.

According to the latest data from Media Create for the week ending December 14 it sold almost double the second-placed console which, happily for Nintendo, was the Wii on almost 92,000.

The PlayStation Portable was third with around 71,500 units sold, while the PlayStation 3 only just beat the older DS Lite hardware with 33,600 and 31,000 units sold respectively.

The Xbox 360 continued to struggle, although now regularly selling more units than it used to, on 11,800, while the PlayStation 2 rounded out the list on 6600.

That means that in total Nintendo sold almost 300,000 hardware units in Japan in a single week, compared to Sony's 112,000.

The full breakdown is as follows.

  • 1. Nintendo DSi: 173,693
  • 2. Nintendo Wii: 91,641
  • 3. PlayStation Portable: 71,540
  • 4. PlayStation 3: 33,688
  • 5. Nintendo DS Lite: 31,120
  • 6. Xbox 360: 11,797
  • 7. PlayStation 2: 6659

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