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DSi bounces back to the top of Japanese hardware chart

Following last week's accelerated Wii sales, DSi knocks it back into second position

The DSi is back at the top of the Japanese hardware chart following its demotion to second place in last week's chart, according to the latest Media Create sales figures

That fall to second place was caused by the release of Monster Hunter Tri, and also the release of the new black Wii console in the region, which accelerated the Wii's sales to 95,357. In the latest chart however, they fell to 47,140, allowing the DSi to once again claim the top spot.

The DSi sold 70,066, while the regular DS console managed 8699 - putting the combined total for the console at 78,765.

Which was a figure way above its rivals lower in the chart. PlayStation Portable sold 33,893 during the week, a number very close to its previous week sales of 33,049 and the PlayStation 3 managed 5826 - down from 8760 the week prior.

There was some good news for Microsoft though, as the Xbox 360 outsold Sony's ageing PlayStation 2 for the first time in some weeks. Sales of the 360 were up from 3552 the week previous to 5436, while the PlayStation 2 sold 4601.

The full Japanese hardware chart for the week ending August 9 is as follows:

  • 01 Nintendo DS - 78,765
  • 02 Nintendo Wii - 47,140
  • 03 PlayStation Portable - 33,893
  • 04 PlayStation 3 - 5826
  • 05 Xbox 360 - 5436
  • 06 PlayStation 2 - 4601