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DS2 announces uninterrupted online gaming and HDTV support anywhere in the home for Microsoft Xbox 360 & new Sony PS3

UPA 200Mbps chip delivers uninterrupted play via standard wall sockets Eliminates dropped lines and response delays

Valencia, SPAIN - 26 March 2007 - DS2, the world's leading Powerline Chipset provider, has announced that its UPA compliant 200Mbps chip is fully compatible with Microsoft's new Xbox 360 and Sony's recently-launched-in-Europe PS3. It becomes the only chip to guarantee uninterrupted high performance online gaming anywhere throughout the home, and will enable online gamers worldwide to interact in real-time, with guaranteed uninterrupted play via standard wall sockets.

DS2's 'UPA Plugtested' 200Mbps chipset guarantees 'zero latency', ensuring that all online gamers can participate in high definition virtual-reality role-playing games without any instances of time delay or dropped lines inherent in Wi-Fi. DS2's Powerline Networking chipset is available now through worldwide providers of technologically advanced network products, such as Allnet, Corinex Communications, Comtrend Corporation, Conceptronic, D-Link, Defidev, Ilevo, Logitec, Netgear, Pirelli Broadband Solutions, Toyo Network Systems and Xavi. It delivers simple, reliable broadband connectivity that offers the necessary bandwidth to connect the digital home by turning any electrical outlet into a high-speed broadband connection.

"As online gaming and other high-definition applications are becoming more mainstream, consumers require fast, reliable broadband access in every room in the home without the inconvenience of latency," states Victor Dominguez, Director of Strategy & Standardisation at DS2. "Our technology extends high-performance Internet connections to any room in the home, making it possible for consumers to enjoy high-quality, high-definition online gaming and other bandwidth-hungry applications without interruption."

DS2 technology supports advanced multimedia Quality of Service (QoS) transmission, expanding the range of services that can be offered without compromising the quality perceived by the user. It supports the increasing range of services consumers have now come to demand, from the extreme latency requirements of online gaming to the enormous bandwidth requirements of HDTV. This ultimately ensures the best possible end-user experience as it differentiates traffic into multiple types of communication, and ensures the correct transmission of services so that performance characteristics, such as bandwidth and latency, are preserved in the presence of other traffic.

About DS2

DS2 is the world's leading supplier of the 200 Mbps technology that enables home networking and broadband access over power line, coaxial cable, and telephone wire. DS2 pioneered the industry with the introduction of its 200 Mbps chipsets, creating the fastest and highest performance solution for simultaneous data, digital audio and high-definition video transmission. Two pre-eminent industry groups, the Universal Powerline Association (UPA) and the European Union consortium OPERA (Open PLC European Research Alliance) have adopted DS2 technology in support of multi-vendor standard certified product. For more information, please visit www.ds2.es

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