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Driving Kids

Browser-based MMOG intended to help youngsters learn stuff.

For immediate release

December 25, 2008

'Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone!' These words from a famous Pink Floyd song are a good prelude to Driving Kids World - the MMO environment with a new approach to kids' edutainment.

AlbyMedia, Ltd announces the release of a massively multiplayer online edutainment game for kids. This game offers a colorful interactive world, a lot of various activities and an opportunity to chat with friends online. Driving Kids MMO ( will be of significant benefit for preschool and early school kids, educating and entertaining them at the same time. What could be better for your child?

Driving Kids has been created to meet the demand for a safe and creative international virtual MMO game for kids. This game is the perfect solution for kids and parents: the registration is free, with unlimited free play time, Also the variety of available games and activities is perfect for even the most demanding parents: logic and problem solving games, memory and puzzle games, math and calculation games, creative games and games just for play. Kids can have fun playing on their own or enjoy multiplayer games together with their parents and friends. That is how little children should be educated: without strain, without coercion, but with fun and pleasure!

One of the most important features of the game is a moderated chat, which allows a kid to communicate with friends, but guarantees his/her security (in contrast to other MMO games). Parents can sit next to their kids joining lessons for both kids and parents, or leave them playing alone; the kids are safe either way.

Driving Kids is a browser game, so it does not need to be installed or uninstalled. A kid is requested to register his/her name and password and to send a request to a parent's e-mail. In this e-mail, a parent is given all the necessary information about the game and its safety, as well as what information the kid has submitted. As soon as the parent gives her/his consent, the kid can start exploring this wonderful interactive world of Driving Kids to learn and have fun. (If a kid cannot read yet, it is not a problem - a friendly robot-guide Arnie provides audio help instruction.) The entire game environment is in English, so if it is not your child's native language, it will still contribute to his/her vocabulary enrichment and improvement of communication skills.

The game is set in a city, and a player starts to explore it while riding a skateboard. The streets are abundant with games and interesting places that wait for somebody to discover. The vehicle can be upgraded, modified and recycled. It is also possible to buy a different vehicle - a scooter, a segway or a car. All the purchases need some in-game money - "Auro", which can be earned and spent. So apart from developing kids' calculation skills and creative thinking, Driving Kids teaches them the basics of economics. The kids also get the basics of ecological thinking: they are shown a full product cycle by example of a car - from the shop in the beginning to the junk yard in the end.

Of course, the parents and teachers will appreciate the game's educating ability, but what about the kids? No doubt they will enjoy bright colors, friendly game environment, merry tunes (unique for each game). Also there are new exciting games appearing every month. What is remarkable about the games is they don't dominate the kids with any form of limit or control. That is a characteristic feature of all products released by AlbyMedia.

Pricing and Availability

Driving kids can be played under any operating system that has Internet browser software. The registration at is free, and membership benefits are also available for a reasonable fee. The information about membership benefits will appear if you click on a gas can icon in the right upper corner.

About Albymedia, Ltd

Founded in 2007, Albymedia specializes in edutainment software, especially learning software for children of pre-school and school age. Its edutainment games series for pre-school and elementary school kids are published and distributed worldwide. For more information, please visit the company's website at # # # NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on Driving Kids MMO. Contact Andrew Lankin at

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