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Dreamland Online

How to build a guild.

Just like clubs in real life, guilds in Dreamland Online bring players together to share their experiences. Whether they gather for companionship, for trade, for adventure, or for questing, it’s easy to get a guild up and running. To create your own guild, you must be at least Level 20 and have 200,000 Gold. When you’re ready, find the guild creation NPC located in Paddy Village. Click on “Create a Guild” and you’re all set! After that, you can visit the same NPC anytime and click on “Enter the Guild’s Territory” to access additional guild options and benefits.

You can even improve the guild by leveling it up. As you do so, more guild constructs can be upgraded, more members can be recruited, and more exciting guild quests with equally exciting rewards will be available. Even better, you can gain access to the EXP Tree, which grants significant amounts of EXP to guild members.

There are several different guild constructs: the Guild Beacon, Quest House, Guild Tree, Guild Shop, and Guild Bank. Each grants unique bonuses that improve as the construct is upgraded to higher levels.

Guild Beacon

The only way a guild can advance to higher levels is by having its members complete quests available from the Guild Beacon. Guild members can choose the quests best suited for their levels.

Quest House

By spending the necessary amount of Contribution points, a player can access these quests for a quick boost to their character’s EXP.

Guild Tree

Once every 16 hours, the Guild Tree can be activated to grant free EXP to guild members. Activation requires 500 Prosperity and 13,650 Gold per use. Only the Guild Leader can activate the Guild Tree.

Guild Shop

A Guild Shop in the guild territory allows members to purchase all manner of items that cannot be found at normal vendors. As if that wasn’t good enough, the prices are incredibly affordable!

Guild Bank

The Guild Bank allows members to store items to be shared among the membership. Upgrading this construct also enables guild members to attempt “The Commercial Travel Guide” quest, which awards a hefty sum of Gold.

There’s always something to do in Dreamland Online. With so much fun and so many incentives built into the guild system, it’s easy to get members to keep coming back for more.

About Dreamland Online

Dreamland Online is a 3D side-scrolling, anime-style, free-to-play MMORPG. Developed by IGG over the past few years, Dreamland Online offers a wide variety of unique elements sure to wow gaming fans around the globe. Take a trip into a world of fantasies spun from the darkest recesses of the mind and the wildest flights of fancy.

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