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Dreamland Online

A preview of the game's human characters.

Hard-core gamers will soon get their first chance to join Dreamland Online when the Alpha Test launches, but for those who just can’t wait to learn more we have an inside look at some of the human characters players will be able to choose from. Humans are the most common race of Dreamland inhabitants. Known for being both adventurous and mischievous, they are masters of both the playground and the battleground. Even the formidable elves respect their prowess and potential.


A warrior from the distant lands of Kuras, he is well-built, muscular, and brave. He’s a role model and inspiration for all aspiring soldiers.

Race: Human

Class: Knight

Age: 19

As the best among the warriors of the land, Will leads the vanguard in the crusade against the forces of darkness. Only those who have shown exceptional skill and bravery against all adversaries are worthy of knighthood, and Will is by far the youngest to have ever been awarded the honor.

Will rates high in attack power, moderate in speed and fast in attacking speed. He’s an elite master of hand-to-hand combat.


A native of the magical lands of Manato, her eyes sparkle with uncanny intelligence. Wielding the powers of Carna, she will protect all that is dear to her at any cost.

Race: Human

Class: Mage

Age: 18

It is said that Tiffany once led a small group of elites against the main force of the armies of darkness and quickly wiped out her enemies. This display of raw power left the agents of darkness shaken to their very core, but there is still much work to be done to truly defeat them.

She is an expert at crowd control on the battlefield and has no peer when it comes to dealing damage.


Brought up in the remote Breken territories, she wields a sword in one hand and the might of Carna in another. Though she may be small, her prowess in battle dwarfs that of much larger adversaries. In fact, her agility and flexibility are among her greatest advantages.

Race: Human

Class: Rogue

Age: 17

The very image of youth, radiance and wit, Anas is a symbol of the qualities the agents of darkness loathe most. Despite her size, her ability to inflict pain and suffering on her enemies should not be underestimated. There have been many who regretted running afoul of this dangerous darling.

Her strengths lie in fast attacks and rapid blows. She also employs poisons to make her strikes even more deadly.


A wanderer by nature, he lives by his bow, traveling wherever the winds of adventure take him. He never hesitates and his hands never waver. His confidence and poise help his arrows shoot true. Most see him as a cool, strong and fearless leader.

Race: Human

Class: Hunter

Age: 21

If there is one description of Ivan that most rings true, it is “undefeatable.” Dexterous on his feet and equally quick of mind, he is at home in even the most perilous forests. Adept at finding his enemies’ weaknesses, he exploits them to his utmost advantage, crippling opponents before they can so much as move a muscle.

With a sharp eye and impressive long-range attacks, this deadly assassin is every bit as powerful as his melee counterparts in combat.

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