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Dream of Mirror Online

Psycho skit contest staged.

Santa Clara, Calif. - Nov. 7, 2008 - What a crazy time of year this is in DoMO, Sprites and Shuras are cramming for midterm tests, the Eversun Times has boiled over with Mirrorworld Presidential campaigning, and leaves are beginning to tumble in the frigid air.

Halloween has passed us by and all that we can look forward to is a slow and steady progression into the New Year - verdicts still out on whether the New Year Monster should come out and play. This is your escape, break from the confines of Sword Academy structured thought, and let loose the Wild Pupu within.

We're holding a contest of wits and creativity, and a good helping of wholesome madness and calling on everyone to show up and perform an original skit for us. It doesn't have to be long nor complicated, but we'd love to see your shiny faces, lit up with lunacy. So if you're parents just don't understand, the world around you doesn't make sense - or is too predictable, and if you're still out there trying to double gold stat your favoritest weapon, take a break and come home to your Room Inside the Clinic's Mental Ward.

The skits will be held in Collington on the Fishing Island on the Northwest corner of the map.

We're having two dates to choose from:

• Friday Nov.14th at 3 P.M. PDT

• Saturday Nov. 15th at 9 P.M. PDT

Judges will decide a first and second place skit.

• First place receives a permanent version of a costume of their choice from the following list.

• Second place receives a 90-day version of a costume of their choice from the following list.

• White/Gold/Black Bunny

• Blue Kimono

• Blue Shinsei

• Red Dragon

• Traditional

Everyone performing will receive a pill of some kind to ease/aid your insanity! It might make you big, maybe fast, who knows? We invite everyone to participate or just come and watch.

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