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Dream of Mirror Online

Pet riding system arrives on November 19th., the premier destination for Free-to-Play games has a lot to announce today.

As we begin a series of ingame new features until Christmas, we announce today the first of these important additions to come on November 19th: the pet riding system.

Players will be able to ride their own boar, cat, bear and sea serpent which has been aside them during their epic adventures! New items especially created for their riding pets will be soon available.

Stay tuned for more details soon!

Today weekly update is also bringing new content:

The new creepy quest “Training your Courage” is live. Players will meet Sanno the Spiritualist and will be challenged to defeat zombies, ghosts and monsters. If players manage to score many points during the fight, they will get a Zombie Costume as a reward!

The Making of a Carp Flag quest is been re-introduced to the game and will only be available until December 3rd, so players should get in quick to avoid disappointment and get their hands on an exclusive Red or Blue Carp to fly upon.

The new “Old Sword” Goodie Bag is live with a brand new Ornamental Pet and many items more, like the Scapegoat Doll to restore HP and the Sweetheart Eggsploiter to help in battle. The goodie bag will be available until November 19th.

Also, the new “Bounty Hunter” Goodie Bag will give players the chance to get the permanent Bounty Hunter costume; Portal Pennies and a PvP card gift box are some of the items included in the goodie bag.

Finally, new items and costumes come with the update:

- Panda Costume (7/30 days)

- Panda Headgear (7/30 days)

- Nicole Clothes and headgear (permanent)

- Seth Clothes and headgear (permanent)

- Dark Green Hair Dye

- Ultramarine Hair Dye

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window.

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