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Dream of Mirror Online

Good news for those of you dreaming about the release of Version 5.5.

California, U.S.A. (May 29, 2008) – Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) is proud to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated Version 5.5, a major content update that provides players with new features such as a new battle arena and new maps.

With these new features implemented, players have much more to explore in the vast world of DOMO.

Key additions of Version 5.5:

• Battle Arena: Enter the Arena for multiple types of competitive and cooperative matches. Climb the ranks for new titles and the ability to get a wide variety of unique monster summons. Reign supreme in the weekly Heavenly Emperor's Sword Cup for the ultimate weapon!

• Mailbox System: Send mail and tradable items to your friends! No more waiting for that one person to finally get online!

• Seizer's Palace: Feeling lucky? Then head on down to Seizer's Palace! For 100-gold-per token, you can have the chance to win fabulous prizes, including some that cannot be obtained in any other way! Or basic healing items that'd set you back a few gold, but hey you never know!

• New Maps: New maps Foggy Forest and Blakatoa Volcano are in. High-end monsters and alchemy recipes to help your progression! A new title to show off to friends!

For more information about DOMO, please visit

About Dream of Mirror Online:

Enter a world where you can team up with your friends to complete quests, create a wide variety of items using an easy to understand crafting system and create relationships that can last a lifetime.

Only in Dream of Mirror Online, a free-to-play massive multiplayer online game, can you express yourself using a wide range of adorable emotes that you just can’t help but love. With the ability to fly, a unique relationship system, and a variety of adorable pets, Dream of Mirror Online provides an experience like no other.

About Aeria Games:

Aeria Games is the dynamic gaming community where players of all backgrounds and interests can connect, share, and enjoy an unparalleled variety of Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games from all over the world.

Our vision is to provide the best Community Gaming Experience and Service to each and every one of our players and best of all, every game is FREE to Play! Start playing our games today by registering here for your Aeria Games account.

Founded in 2006, Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc. is based in Silicon Valley, California.


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