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Dream of Mirror Online

Four Christmas quests scheduled, and goodie bags on offer., the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is happy to announce so many special contents for the Christmas celebration in DOMO.

4 Christmas quests to play during holidays! Domo fans will be happy to meet and help Santa, and get great rewards in the following dedicated quests

o Christmas Day

o Super Christmas Cake

o Santa Claus is coming

o The Red Kidnapper

The newbie quest is back to guide new players through the early levels of the game!.

The big new instanced quest Demons’ tower is waiting for strong and fierce adventurers. The risk is big so is the reward! Defeat Astaroth the Demon and get treasure boxes containing great items such as the new Dark Baroque and Chinese armor costumes, the new Black Stallion saddle, pet tokens, the new ornamental pet Ye Yaxi and many more!

The weekly update will also contain new items to find in the item shop.

New items and goodie bags:

• All the Special Edition pets are available at the vending machine

• Santa costume and hat

• Deer Rudolph’s Horn Headdress

• Dark Wings

• Lucky Saddle

• Gold, Silver and Bronze keys to open the Treasure boxes of Demon’s Quest (but players can also try their luck at the slot machine in Eversun with ingame gold to get one…)

• Goodie bags available until January 7th:

o Christmas Goodie bag: that may contain Santa’s costume and hat, the deer hat, permanent Santa’s sledge to fly, the brand new Black stallion saddle…

o Special Riding Pet goodie bag giving players the chance to get new Special Riding Pets

o Platinum weapons goodie bag: it may give players rare and strong high level weapons

o Molly Eggsploiter goodie bag: players may find the cute new eggsploiter named Molly, to help them in battle

o Ninja Costume goodie bag: it may give players a very special edition of the ninja costume, helmet and sword.

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window.

DOMO is a Free-to-Play social MMORPG based on ancient Chinese mythology. Join with thousands of other gamers in an amazing anime-inspired world where you can socialize, form friendships, craft and master a variety of jobs, all within the underlying quest of trying to solve the riddles of the ancient myth of the Kunlun Mirror.

To download and play DOMO visit the game’s official website through

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