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Title: Dragonshard

Genre: RTS

Platform: PC

Developer: Liquid

Launch date: Spring 2005


Dragonshard is the RTS fantasy game for PC that takes strategy to rich new depths of detail. Players can fight battles on two levels as two worlds intertwine in the new fantasy environment of Eberron. Players' strategy skills will be tested to the max above ground, while below ground a different type of gameplay takes over, with both levels together creating a deeply satisfying breadth of characterisation and storyline.


Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, right back in the very beginning there were three dragons; Siberys, Khyber and Eberron. Siberys represented 'good', Khyber 'bad' and Eberron 'neutral'. Inevitably Siberys and Khyber fought and after a bitter struggle Khyber won and smashed Siberys into thousands of crystal shards. But before Khyber could begin his ascendancy upon the world, Eberron sacrificed his own life to envelop Khyber and force him deep beneath the surface. Consequently, Eberron took on the form of the world's surface where men, elves and other more peaceful creatures live, whilst Khyber became the underworld, inhabited by monsters, demons and devils.

Players will get the chance to explore Eberron hundreds of years later and experience a combination of traditional medieval fantasy with pulp action and dark adventure. By this time, Eberron has a rich history built on heroic deeds, evolving magic and the wounds of a long, devastating war. Peace has held for nearly a year, but anger and pain remains and new nations vie for economic and political supremacy in the run up to another inevitable war.

Magic is built into the very fabric of Eberron. It is not a world developed upon science but by the mastery of arcane magic, allowing for conveniences that were never imagined in other medieval timeframes. Through the binding and harnessing of elemental creatures, airships and land rails become possible and players will see that advances in magic have led to everything from farming implements to sentient, free-will constructs. Magic is also responsible for a thriving aristocracy of merchant families who control much of the world's economy thanks to the edge given to them by the mysterious and rare dragonmarks.

Throughout the game players are responsible for leading their armies in a battle for supremacy. Each campaign features its own unique tactics, techniques and technologies of warfare and along the way players will experience the unique 'two tier' gameplay that Dragonshard offers by either taking their quests below and/or above ground. They can retreat to dungeons and other interior spaces to gather resources, or take on side quests that may take them above and below, before going about their mission. The two tiers are very different and the player will have to think tactically about how they approach them.


Dragonshard is due for release across Europe in Spring 2005 on PC and is the first game to be set in the all new amazing Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world of Eberron. Eberron is the result of a competition run by Wizards of the Coast in 2002 to find a new fantasy setting. Such was the popularity of the competition that over 11,000 people entered. Liquid Entertainment was given the pleasure of developing a game in this spectacular new setting, and the result, Dragonshard, offers players a totally fresh game within the RTS genre boasting truly unique content.

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