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"Dragons Lair: The fantasy adventure where you become a valiant knight, on a quest to rescue the fair princess from the clutches of an evil dragon. You control the actions of a daring adventurer, finding his way through the castle of a dark wizard, who has enchanted it with treacherous monsters and obstacles. In the mysterious caverns below the castle, your odyssey continues against the awesome forces that oppose your efforts to reach the Dragon's Lair. Lead on, adventurer. Your quest awaits!

The Nintendo DS version will have a plethora of unique features while still maintaining the original game play, quality and style of the arcade release. Following is a breakdown of features specific to the handheld release (all of which are controlled from a settings menu):

Nintendo DS Specific features:

· Dual Screen (book-style) full-screen action

· Single Screen (top-down) full-screen action

· D-Pad & Touch screen support (in both Dual Screen & Single Screen modes)

· Voice Recognition

· Rumble Pak Support

· Arcade & Home modes: This feature allows you to switch between the Arcade and Home versions of the game (Arcade default). The differences between the two are that the latter includes the additional sequences that were not in the original Arcade game.

· Game Statistics: Displays your lives and overall score

· Lives: Choose between unlimited, standard 5 lives or sudden death single life mode

· Difficulty: Easy or Hard. The Hard option complicates things by adding additional moves in certain sequences and mixes up the scenes for less linear stage progression. Timing of moves is also affected - achieve higher scores

· Visual Move Guide On/Off: Toggle this option on to bring up a visual clue that shows whether you entered the right move or not. A red circle means you entered the wrong move or your timing is off, a green one lets you know you did it right.

· Watch mode (learning mode - video mode): All game scenes without deaths - all game scenes with deaths scenes, in addition to an option where the player can choose to watch a specific scene



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The origins of Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair was one of the first laserdisc video games, released in June 1983 by Cinematronics. It featured polished Disney-like animation created by former Disney animator Don Bluth, and for the first time allowed players to control a fully realized character. Most other games of the era represented the character as a sprite, which consisted of a series of bitmaps animated by playing them in succession. However due to hardware limitations of the era, artists were greatly restricted in the detail they could achieve using that technique; the resolution, frame rate and number of frames were severely constrained. Dragon's Lair overcame those limitations by tapping into the vast storage potential of laserdisc, which completely freed the artist, but imposed other limitations on the actual game play. Even by today's standards, Dragon's Lair's graphics are good. The game's enormous contrast with other arcade games of the time created a sensation when it appeared, and was played so heavily that many machines often broke due to the strain of overuse. It was also arguably the most successful game on this medium and is aggressively sought after by collectors. To this day, the Dragon's Lair game has sold more than 1,000,000 units across multiple platforms including but not limited to Commodore 64, SNES, Atari ST, Amiga, Mac, PC (floppy, CD, DVD), 3DO, DVD, Atari Jaguar and most recently a Blu-ray version compatible with the PlayStation 3.

About Dragon's Lair LLC

Based in San Diego, California, Dragon's Lair LLC is a joint venture between Digital Leisure and the original creators of the 1983 arcade smash hit Dragon's Lair. Dragon's Lair LLC is comprised of legendary animation professionals Don Bluth, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy, as well as veteran video game creator Rick Dyer. Rounding out the partnership is multimedia industry veteran David Foster, president of Digital Leisure Inc. and the publisher of the Dragon's Lair 2D versions. Dragon's Lair LLC is committed to creating state-of-the-art interactive titles that are supported by motion picture, broadcast and toy ventures. Wizardry Engineering

About Digital Leisure

Digital Leisure is a leading publisher of interactive DVD and CD games including the classic Dragon's Lair line and the American Laser Games series of shooting games. Based outside Toronto, Canada, Digital Leisure acquires licenses to classic video-based titles and provides distribution services for both its own products and third party publishers. For more information, please visit

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