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"Lucky Week" begins on Monday, which is great as we haven't enjoyed Unlucky Week.

LAND O’LAKES, FLORIDA – March 11, 2011 --  Artix Entertainment, the indie game development studio that runs the free web-based RPG DragonFable, invites its 33 million players to celebrate a week-long event where the head coder implements a new feature each day. Lucky Week begins Monday, March 14 th, starting with a new war mechanic and ending with user-created content.

On Monday, DragonFable will introduce a new type of war functionality. In previous wars, players would band together to defeat waves of monsters in order to raise a war meter. With the arrival of the new feature, players will check in at the war camp, receive a token that flags participation, and return players to the game where they can continue regular quests. Each quest will drop an extra item related to the war’s main objective, giving players more incentive (and more loot) to continue their heated battles.

In addition, players’ participation will be tracked on his or her character page. The character pages for upgraded players will track their participation in any war from this point on while everyone else will have their data tracked for the last war they have been a part of.

The overhaul and restructure of a very popular house item arrives Tuesday. The Armor Closet allows players to change between and default-set any item that they have access to. This house item will be getting a new, easier to use interface which will also be easier for DragonFable’s developers to update and maintain.

Wednesday will introduce unlimited bank storage for any item purchased with secondary currency.  In a game where players want to collect as much of the content as possible, this will be a much appreciated—and needed—update.

Gamers love to brag about the in-game achievements they receive, but how can one properly boast when no one else can see them? Showing achievements on character pages is something players have requested for years, and come Thursday, their wishes will be answered.

DragonFable fans will receive a pleasant surprise come Friday: a playable preview of user-created content. Players will have the opportunity to build their own quests and cutscenes using the game’s art assets and resources. If they are upgraded users, players can share their quests with friends using the character ID system.

Artix Entertainment hopes to stimulate and promote creativity in DragonFable’s world. By offering users a chance to take on the role of game designer themselves, players can become an extension of the team that creates the game!

Other Games from Artix Entertainment

In addition to DragonFable, Artix Entertainment offers many RPG and MMO titles, ranging from the fantasy realms of the original AdventureQuest and the MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds to the sci-fi galaxies of MechQuest, WarpForce, and EpicDuel. Artix has enjoyed a high success rate in the past eight years with over 125 million accounts created for their games.  

For more information about our games, please visit:

DragonFable at

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AdventureQuest at Artix Entertainment games at

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About Artix Entertainment

Artix Entertainment LLC, is a privately held, game development and publishing studio that specializes in creating online, browser-based, anime-style, role-playing Flash games with a distinctive visual style and high-quality game play. Artix has developed a range of games with storylines that are based in the fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure genre. Content within the games is updated on a weekly basis, creating a compelling experience which keeps users coming back frequently for new content and story lines. Artix core offerings are three online RPG games: AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest, and two MMORPGs: AdventureQuest Worlds and EpicDuel. Players can visit  for more information.

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