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Dragon's Call

Web-based, currently in open beta, and proud owner of a new Sky City Arena.



Been through previous leak of Dragon's Call new competition system - Sacred Wings, most of the players only found it resembling the Budokai Tenkaichi of Dragon Ball anime series. What are the highly anticipated competitions actually look like? No clues for that now. Oh, but since it's a News, there must be something worthwhile to brag about. Dame right! Sit back and enjoy the intriguing Sacred Wings Back-story now! ---

“Welcome to the Sky City Arena, Valiants. Or you are merely a band of arrogant and hilarious ants?”

——Wind Pursuer*Skywalk

In StilLand Year 200 Pre-History, Anima, Goddess of Life, sacrificed herself to save the land wasted by war. The weathered continent of StilLand embraced her new birth at the blessing of holy light. Ortmand, God of War, and Hatis, God of Vengeance, both perished in the War of Gods. So far, the fates of four gods under Quillas, Father of Gods, save that of Orwell Wind, God of Sky, came to the end. The God of Sky was hard to find, devoted to freedom and tired of rules. His only concern was to exploit the privilege to travel in the sky, as bestowed by the Father of Gods. Likewise, his disciples were attracted by such a free mind and called themselves Wind Pursuers. They were keenly after their lord and the ability to fly in the sky.

A God of Freedom, what an ironic and beautiful name! What a band of zealous disciples following their ideal!

In StilLand Year 900 Pre-History, during the War of Gods, Goddess of Life, God of War, God of Vengeance and their disciples were fighting recklessly for the future of the land. The God of Sky was nowhere to find, so were the Wind Pursuers.

In StilLand Year 157 Pre-History, during the First Continental War, the newly born Chaotic Orcs were devouring the land belonging to the Phio Alliance. The God of Sky was nowhere to find, so were the Wind Pursuers.

In StilLand Year 148, during the Second Continental War, the rallied Chaotic Orcs, Gray Elves and Darkcliff Dwarves stormed the Phio Alliance. The God of Sky was nowhere to find, so were the Wind Pursuers.

In StilLand Year 660, during the Third Continental War, the Chaotic Orcs were unable to withstand the counter attack of the Phio Alliance and fell in their capital, Orcter. The God of Sky was nowhere to find, but a group of winged creatures who called themselves Wind Pursuers made their appearance.

In StilLand Year 660, rumors were coming out of the arenas across the Phio Alliance. Whenever there was a contest going on, strange shadows would flash across the sky. They were described as humanoid creatures with wings. Even the most knowledgeable scholars of the Phio Alliance could not find any clue about them in ancient tomes. Curiosity was hovering over these strange creatures. Rumors about their identity never ceased. As the war with the Chaotic Orcs came to an end not long ago, apart from the civilians who were shadowed by curiosity, the nobility and the kings of all the kingdoms were also cast in deep worry. However, the Phio Alliance was lucky enough to find some message left by those mystic creatures in each major arena, before taking any action.

“By the name of God of Sky our lord, the Wind Pursuers invite all the great warriors of the continent to join the Sky City Arena and contend for the honor of Strongest Warrior of StilLand. Only the most powerful is privileged to touch the secret of Sacred Wings. ——Wind Pursuers.”

All of a sudden, the Wind Pursuers and the Sky City Arena came to the center of the public gossip. The long forgotten God of Sky and his almost legendary disciples, together with the Sacred Wings mentioned in the message, seemed to be a delicious cake waiting for the most valiant to share and enjoy.  The findings by Glancer historians showed that even the latest record about the God of Sky and his disciples, the Wind Pursuers, dated back more than 1000 years. “It was in StilLand Year 900 Pre-History that the Wind Pursuers resolved to quit the War of Gods and disappeared from the knowledge of the mortal, for the pursuit of God of Sky their lord and for the pursuit of their free will”, as Chronicle of StilLand put it. Nevertheless, these unknown creatures that had been hiding for nearly one thousand years did show up on StilLand. What’s more, they claimed to bring the secret they had been pursuing for one thousand years. Curiosity is scratching the heart of the adventurers on the continent like the cat’s claw. Where on earth is the Sky City? What on earth did the Wind Pursuers find over the past millennium? What incredible abilities will the Sacred Wings grant the people? As time goes by, the opening day of the Sky City Arena, as indicated in the message, is drawing near…


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