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Dragon's Call

Server 4 boots up today.


Dragon's Call fans, stop squeezing Server 3, burn your characters and enter Server 4 now. As promised, EverDream Studio has offered a significantly larger capacity on this new server before Xmas Day.

Players will enter Server 4 all naked to join the Naked Xmas Party of Dragon's Call. What? Of course they are, all newbies are naked when entering a newly launched server. Oh, someone got a Starter Kit? Don't worry, the official didn't put any armor in it, only VIPs and Gems.

Well, those players who prefer a little gambling in this Xmas may try out the "Divining System" and "Combine Magic Formation". Players will receive some free chances to try out their luck anyway.

For those geeks who want to go to a Night Club or Casino in this Xmas, ignore this News and call me.


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About EverDream Studio -

EverDream Studio was founded in 2008 as a small independent studio and then expanded itself into a much bigger one in 2010. Now we become a globalized team with more than 80 people and concentrating on browser-based game development. What is more, a cutting-edge gaming platform is on our schedule and we intend to becom a significant role in all the major gaming markets worldwide.

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