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Dragon's Call

Roulette-like feature "sexy" according to CMO.

“We’re only testing out part of the new feature now,” Torrez, EverDream CMO, explained about their low-profile strategy while adding this new toy. “And hope we could officially launch the full Crystal Origin system in a few weeks, which will definitely bring in more fun to our players.”

Before unveiling the gameplay of Crystal Origin and hearing your shout (holy xxxx, it is roulette), let’s keep a peaceful mind to enjoy its sweet backstory first.

Backdrop: The Source of Crystals

Phio Alliance has come to an agreement on creating perfect energy crystals, which can recover the wounded and dispel the dark forces. Indeed, perfect energy crystals are pretty effective, but it is very hard to produce them. A great deal of magical energy must be irrigated into a common energy crystal. Nevertheless, there is still a great chance of failure. Thanks to their high costs and miraculous effects, perfect energy crystals are really coveted by treasure merchants and hunters. As the kingdom together with Golden Dragons has set up 36 energy irrigators that can pour magical energy into common energy crystals at regular intervals. To improve the yield of perfect energy crystals, the Phio Alliance Parliament has decided to increase the number of common energy crystals and call on StilLand adventurers to turn in crystals as many as possible.

Now the Glancer Kingdom has issued an order, “Anyone who has successfully made perfect energy crystals will be rewarded with equivalent wealth.” So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up to infuse magical energy into your common crystals and earn fabulous wealth!

Now, let’s rock. (Hint: View the rules and guide on this new feature’s official page and hold your wallet tight.)


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