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Dragon's Call

Browser-based MMORPG to launch second server this evening.

Lekool Inc, A China based online developers and Publishers of Online browser based games, Announces the launch of its newest game Business Tycoon Online on 9th December, 2010 Wednesday at 18:30 PST

Dragon’s Call is a Journey through the Mystical Lands, where you Play as one of three classes and explore the world from a top-down view. Dragon’s Call can be said to be a browser based version or World Of warcraft. The game has stunning graphics and you can play in a variety of ways, which suit your style.

Dragon Call sets in the world called “StillLand”, a magic world accommodating various creatures, including humans, elves, dwarves, giants, orcs, dragons, animals and evil forces with tremendous power. as powers and desires swelled among the races, struggles and conflicts which created chaos and destruction in once a peaceful Land. Now only you my Lord can stop all this and bring the peace again to these forsaken lands.

Dragon’s Call is a MMORPG it has stunning graphics and variety of weapons, skills & magical abilities to choose from. You begin the journey by choosing 1 of the 3 classes in the game.

Mage – Ranged spellcasters who specialize in dealing heavy damage. They have light armor and low HP.

Warrior - Powerful front-line characters who can both tank and deal damage at close range.

Assassin - The main physical damage dealer. Assassins possess special skills such as the ability to stun and use poisons.

Featured Spotlights:

1. No need to install and free to play forever

This game is a browser based online game. It saves the download of any client software to your computer. You can start an epic adventure without any install required.

2. Thousands of captivating quests

Our quest system provides a great variety of quests with tons of fun in store for you. Great rewards will be given out once a quest is completed.

3. Innovative in-game systems

This game offers well rounded and well coordinated game play through a variety of innovative in-game systems to create an action packed MMO experience, including equipment refining, auction house, talent system, training system, job system, etc. which will sure bring unique fun to players.

4. Clever bot system

You can play the game with bot, which means you don't need to spend long time online in order to advance your character. You can easily level up your character even when you go away from keyboard.

Featured in-game systems:

Other Features:

1. Equipment Refining

You can power up your attack and defense through refining your equipment.

2. Equipment Combination

You can add new attributes like strength or stamina to your equipment through combining you equipment.

3. Rune Embedding

When the equipment is embedded with a rune, it will gain an appropriate bonus, like empowered damage output.

4. Job System

You will obtain reputation, EXP and gold through working. When a certain amount of reputation is obtained, you will be given special offers and a lot of incredible goodies.

5. Auction House

Auction will be held periodically with elite items available for bidding.

6. Market System

Market is a place where players trade items with each other. You can not only sell items to exchange for gold, but also you can dig up something you are interested in, though you have to pay some handling fee.

7. Mail System

You are allowed to send emails or deliver items to your friend through using the in-game mail system.

8. PVP System

You can PvP against or loot a player at your level. PvP is only allowed in the arena while loot must be done in the wild. Both PvP and loot will bring you decent rewards.

9. Ranking System

There are three rankings available, i.e. Level Ranking, Gold Ranking and Score Ranking. You can not only check your own rankings, but also your friends' and opponents'

The New server  will be a great news for those who cherish new challenges. The New server will give you a chance to restart your Quest in "Still Land" Great Riches and Glory awaits to all who dare to enter the Dreadful lands. A new server is always a fun place to start out, It gives everyone a clean slate and a chance to try other character types. Take advantage of this new launch if you are just getting started.

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