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Dragon Raja

Newly elected queen and two kings to "raise, strengthen and unite their nations".

Toronto, CANADA-May 28, 2008-- G4Box Inc, a North American publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media has announced the results from its popular 2D MMORPG, Dragon Raja's recent king and queen elections. Current players as well as new players joined in the voting process last month to crown their new regime. The kingdoms of Vyseus, Zypern, and Yilse elected their new regimes including a queen and two kings.

Congratulations to Vyseus' new Queen (LadyPhoenix) and the new Kings of Yilse (CSing) and Zypern (Redim)! Elected by the people, they will be a shining light in the darkness and will raise, strengthen and unite their nations of Vyseus, Yilse and Zypern.

To the departing queen and kings who served their people well the people say Godspeed. All hail mighty "LadyPhoenix" forever known as the first Queen of Vyseus, All hail mighty "CSing" King of Yilse and All hail mighty "Redim" King of Zypern Their people shall stand alongside them and their presence shall grant them vast power and inspiration. The booming voices fade away into silence and a beam of light pierces the sky, illuminating the Crowns atop ladyPhoenix's CSing's and Redim's forehead.

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About Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a popular 2D MMORPG developed by Alea Interactive. The game can be found at At the beginning of time, the god Zebus created the mysterious Dragoon Continent, a vast land of great mountains and deserts. It was inhabited by eight Great Clans.

Among the Clans the Dragon Clan was superior, possessing great wisdom and understanding, as well as the ability to ascend to the heavens and to swim in the sea. Most importantly, they possessed immense magical power. The greatest force in the Dragon Clan was the Dragon Lord who controlled eight legendary Rune Stones. It was said that whosoever controlled these eight Rune Stones controlled the fate of the eight Clans. The world of Dragon Raja is a place where many heroes will rise toward a common goal, and this is the point where the Dragon Raja must be forced to face his destiny!

For more information and to become a Dragon Slayer visit the Dragon Raja website at

About G4Box Inc.

G4BOX is a publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media in North America. The company offers a portfolio of diversified entertainment content that is accessible via the internet. G4Box Inc.'s vision is to become a premier content provider in the explosive worldwide market where they are concentrating creative and technical efforts on introducing new and exciting MMORPG products from Asia to North America.

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