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Dragon Fires into the Holiday Season with an All Star Gaming Peripheral Line Up

Hong Kong, October 30th 2006 - Dragon Electronics ( http://www.dragon-electronics.com) is delighted to fire up the holiday season with truly all-star line up of gaming peripherals. Dragon's quarter fourth peripheral range will indefinitely capture the attention of even the most prolific of gamers and ultimately noticeably enhance any gaming experience on both current and next generation platforms.

Without further ado, highlights from Dragon Electronics fourth quarter catalogue include the following:

Double Expand Memory Converter for PSP® (MSRP $19.99) - The expand memory converter is a more than affordable and effective solution for mass storage on the PSP®. Media enthusiasts will be able utilize any absolutely any MINI SD or MMC cards on the PSP with this true plug and play solution, which even has the added bonus of accepting two memory cards at the same time for an even bigger boost in memory. Plug, play and broaden the horizons of the PSP!

Silicon Finger Pen Set for DS® Lite (MSRP $6.99) - Achieve optimal levels of performance while gaming with Dragon's set of 10 highly sensitive silicon finger pens designed for unparalleled levels of comfort while using the touch screen of Nintendo's portable wonder. Each pack comes with five pairs of fingers in the following colours; noble pink, milky white, ice blue, enamel navy and smoke black.

Cyclone Charger Stand 2 for DS® Lite (MSRP $6.99) - Prepare to charge your DS Lite with a great deal of pizzazz. The cyclone charger is a super savvy innovation which features a smart and compact design to hold the DS Lite while charging, it comes complete with a 'one touch' design to easily remove the handheld and wait for it a vibrant red lighting halo while charging! It is currently available in ceramic white, enamel navy and ice blue.

Power Cooling System for Xbox 360® (MSRP $17.99) - An innovatively crafted and much sought after solution to keep the Xbox 360® significantly cooler during extended periods of game play. Ergonomically designed to compliment the curvaceous look of the console complete with two cooling fans and even space to hold a remote! Guaranteed to not only keep the machine a whole lot cooler (in both the looks and performance department) but also operate with nothing more than a whisper!

Game Projector 2 MULTI (MSRP $339.95) - This is the ultimate game projector for all consoles and media players. Besides the shockingly low price, the Game Projector 2 is compatible with all console and AV devices and supports AV, S-video or VGA input. It really is billed as the complete package with a built-in amplifier and stereo sound speakers as well as a remote control. Also included in the package is the power adapter and a 3-in-1 connection cable. Now is the time to project yourself into a new world of realism, at an affordable price too!

Notes for Editors:

For more information on any of the innovative gaming peripherals created by Dragon Electronics, please contact press@dragon-electronics.com as well as visit http://www.dragon-electronics.com.

About Dragon Electronics

Dragon Electronics is a highly reputable gaming peripheral market located in Hong Kong. Dragon understands gamers needs and adequately looks to fulfil them with a range of innovative and cost effective products. The philosophy of producing innovative high quality gaming gear at a cost effective price has and will continue to ensure Dragon perform strongly in the gaming industry.

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