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15 Twitter follows for 2015

Fatten up your feed with insightful industry types

The games industry has had a love/hate relationship with Twitter, which is all the more reason to add a few new and friendly follows to your list. If you you're on Twitter you probably already follow the obvious people, Notch, Hideo Kojima, Anita Sarkeesian, but who should you be following in 2015?

We've got a few suggestions, people that have caught our eye over the course of the year. If you have your own suggestions, or you think we should follow you, please share the usernames in our comments below. And if you'd like to follow the team you can find us all here.

Bianca Anderson

Global Programs Specialist at Electronic Arts and all round smart lady when it comes to the industry and its issues. "Betting Victory won't have women either. Everyone knows Victorian women only existed as background dressing or murder victims. #cynical"

"Watching people realize personal space in multiplayer VR is awkward and awesome"


Brie Code

Ubisoft's Lead programmer on Child of Light and a voracious curator. If she's recommending an article it's absolutely worth reading. "I want a game where the eyes look perfect and everything else looks like crap."

Chet Faliszek

Valve's writer, cat photographer and VR explorer, his ten years with the iconic company make him the wise old man of the industry's tweeters. "Watching people realize personal space in multiplayer VR is awkward and awesome."

Tom Francis

PC Gamer writer turned developer, this is the place to go if you want an insight into indie development through his latest game Heat Signature.

Daniel Gray

Executive producer for Monument Valley and Land's End at ustwogames, he's not afraid to fight back against the twists and turns of the mobile marketplace. "The way some Android players of MV react on Twitter almost makes me want to sack off the platform altogether."

Emily Greer

The first lady of games retail, Greer is the co-founder and CEO of Kongregate. "As a small company grows it's important to think about how people build relationships and shared goals across functions."

"Can't figure out how to turn off my Xbox One?? I'm starting to think it doesn't want me to"


Alex Hutchinson

Creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, right now his tweets are all Far Cry 4 but he's about to start work on a mystery personal project at the studio. "In an airport half way to the final press event for Far Cry 4. All I have learned is that 22 Jump Street is a surprisingly amusing movie."

Duncan Jones

Pure nerd joy, not only is Moon director Duncan Jones a huge gamer, he's currently at work on the World Of Warcraft film.

Felix Kjellberg

Like it or not old timers, this is the face of games media now. 33 million YouTube subscribers say so. "Can't figure out how to turn off my Xbox One?? I'm starting to think it doesn't want me to. This may be my last tweet."

Barry Meade

Director at The Room studio Fireproof Games and the good guy of free-to-play, Mr Meade takes aim at shoddy games industry tactics and never misses. "'33 books every entrepreneur needs to read!' is oxymoronic by a factor of 33"

"I can't think of anything more stressful than live stream coding"


Sean Murray

Hello Games are currently working on the official next big thing No Man's Sky and Sean Murray is the studio's fearless leader. Space, cats and behind the scenes photos. "If you could see my screen right now, you'd be terrified. I can't think of anything more stressful than live stream coding :)"

Jane Ng

Former Double Finer and at Campo Santo, stop here for a look at the development life through the laser-powered eyes of an artist. Also more excellent cat photos.

Rhianna Pratchett

Games writer and co-director Narrativia Ltd, Pratchett is the voice of the medium and the narrative heart beating in the rebooted Lara Croft's chest. "The most important thing to keep in mind is that women don't need to be nice or good, they just need to be interesting."

"Don't you dare try to tell me this problem can't be solved"


Callum Underwood

Like virtual reality? Who doesn't! This charming young man can often be seen at events with a queue of hopeful VR developers by his side, all desperate for a chat with the developer relations manager at Oculus. "Just gave a Crescent Bay demo to a game developer. 'You have shown me the future'. It's so good, and finally one in Europe!"

Brianna Wu

Frankly this woman deserves a lot more than a mention in a listicle for facing up to the horrors of Gamergate. Wu knows development and takes no prisoners and you should be listening to what she has to say. "Don't you dare try to tell me this problem can't be solved. You just don't care to solve it."

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