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Dracula Twins Gone Gold; Spine-Tingling Tale Swoops into Action This Halloween

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Gothenburg, Sweden, October 12th 2006 - Swedish indie-publisher Legendo Entertainment today announced that its spine-tingling casual action title for the PC, Dracula Twins, has gone gold and is being distributed through online and retail channels in time for Halloween 2006 and beyond.

Dracula Twins will be available for online purchase beginning the week of October 21st on major games portals including,, Codemasters',, and Reflexive Arcade's In addition, the game will also be available at

The downloadable version is multi-lingual and includes English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish languages. The trial version offers players a free-play period that allows access to the entire game. Once time's up on the trial period, you can continue to play the game for a one-off payment of £9.99 (UK), 19.99 (EU) and $19.99 USD (US), respectively.

In addition, the game will be available through retail channels in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland (Nordic Softsales), Spain (PROEIN), Benelux (Transposia), Slovenia (Colby), Poland (Play Publishing) and Russia (Noviy Disk). Dracula Twins will be published and distributed through US and Canadian retail channels in North America starting in 2007, with more details to follow shortly.

"This cross-territorial online and retail rollout of Dracula Twins is utterly unique," said Bjorn Larsson, CEO Legendo Entertainment. "It just goes to show that traditional and digital distribution models can co-exist and complement one another nicely, especially in the case of high-quality, family-friendly and cost-affordable PC games."


Count Dracula has been kidnapped by the evil vampire-hunter Doctor Lifelust! He plans to use vampire blood to create an elixir of life so he can live forever! Now it's up to Dracula's twins, Drac and Dracana, to bite back and save their father in this ghastly platform adventure!


Spooky "jump 'n run"-action - experience the gorgeous 3D world of Transylvania!

Classic Game Play - Dracula Twins is a return to classic game design. It's simple, fun, highly addictive and can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

2 Playable Characters - Play as Drac or his twin-sister Dracana!

40 stages of monster-filled action - watch out for zombinos and flying skulls!

Tutorial System - the action doesn't stop in order to teach new players how to play. Players will be instructed as the game progresses.

About Legendo

Legendo Entertainment AB is an independent publisher and developer of casual and enthusiast-oriented computer and video games. The company is head-quartered in Sweden and has retail and electronic distribution arrangements in over 50 countries around the world. Legendo is a licensed developer for the Xbox 360 gaming and entertainment system from Microsoft.

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