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Dr. Richard Bartle to keynote Browsergames Forum

Inventor of World's first MUD to speak on virtual environments and MMOs

Dr. Richard Bartle has been announced as the keynote speaker of the Browsergames Forum event in Germany, where he will be giving an address entitled Gardens of Unearthly Delights.

Dr. Bartle is the co-creator of what is widely considered to be the world's first MMO: the Multi User Dungeon, which he designed with Roy Trubshaw in 1978. As a pioneer in the field, he contributed to a great deal of early research on massively multiplayer games.

Since, he has written Designing Virtual Worlds, a hugely influential book on the design of MMO worlds and contributes regularly to MMO blog Terra Nova.

Browsergames Forum will be held in Offenbach Capitol Theatre near Frankfurt on November 5-6 and is being sponsored by Bigpoint. Germany is an official media partner for the event.

Ticket information is available from the event's website.

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