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Dr. Mario® & Puzzle League

Format: Game Boy® Advance/Game Boy® Micro

Launch Date: 12/05/05

ESRB: E (Everyone)

Game Type: Puzzle

Accessories: Game Boy® Advance Game Link® cable

Players: 1-2

Game Information

Developed by Nintendo


Addictive puzzle action is coming to the palm of your hand with Dr. Mario & Puzzle League - two fantastic puzzle games on one game pak.

  • Dr. Mario requires equal parts strategy and speed to achieve victory. The object of Dr. Mario is to delete viruses by throwing vitamin capsules into a bottle. To delete the nasty critters, players must form a row of four or more same-colored capsules or viruses. Since many viruses are trapped at the bottom of the bottle, players must plan ahead in order to eliminate them.
  • The object of Puzzle League is to form a chain of three or more same-colored blocks. The blocks will rise from the bottom of the screen, forcing players to make decisions in the blink of an eye. When players match up shapes, the blocks on top will fall onto other matching blocks, creating a very satisfying combo effect. This game also has unusual depth in terms of options and settings, such as adjusting the speed of the cursor or the kinds of blocks on the screen, which let players create a custom game experience.

How to progress through Dr. Mario: If capsules touch the top of the bottle, it's game over. If players can clear all the viruses, they will go to the next stage and receive a new bottle. Dr. Mario has multiple game-play modes, including Classic, Vs. CPU, two-player Vs. and Flash, and players can compete with a friend by using the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.

How to progress through Puzzle League: If the stack of blocks reaches the top of the screen, the game will end - so keep clearing them. There are tons of fun modes in Puzzle League, including Marathon, Vs. CPU, Garbage, Line, Timed and Flash, players can play with a friend by using the Game Boy Advance Game Link cable.

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